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Video: Inktober Watercolor Painting (Day 15 – Cactus + Wig Mashup Cartoon)

I was back at it this weekend: livestreaming myself painting an Inktober cartoon. I went live on Instagram Sunday evening, and then posted the video to the Clattertron Facebook page after I finished. You can watch my video below. – Daniel J. Hogan is a geeky cartoonist and writer living in Lansing, Michigan. Daniel writes and draws the weekly fantasy comic Foxes & Boxes for clattertron.com. Need a cartoon commission?… Read More »

Video: Inktober Inking (Day 7 – Cat + Sci-Fi Mashup Cartoon)

Feast your eyes upon a new video of me inking another Inktober cartoon. This was Saturday’s cartoon (see the finished version on my Patreon, for free). I livedstreamed this video on my personal Facebook page (as a public post, mind you). I wanted to see how the reach compared to streaming on the Clattertron Facebook page. Watch my video below! It’s about 25 minutes. I have another video of me… Read More »

Video: Making Thank You Cards for Prints

I’m trying to up my video output these days. Video is the thing on social media, according to what I learned at a recent workshop. There’s no reason I shouldn’t do more video, especially since it’s a) something I have a college degree in and b) it’s what I do for my day job. Watch the video below!

Patreon: Support Clattertron, Get Rewards

I at long last decided to start-up my own Patreon page for Clattertron. I wanted to do so for a long time now, but I finally jumped in head first over the weekend. Now, fans and readers can directly support my comic strips via Patreon (along with the traditional methods like buying merch and books). What is Patreon, anyway? Patreon is a way for fans to support creators, directly. There… Read More »

Twitter and Smart Phones: More Than Just Sharing Dumb Jokes

I confess to being a public enemy when it comes to trying to be funny on Twitter. The bulk of my feed is filled with lame attempts at humor¹ and I am not the only guilty party. But, there are times when Twitter serves a Greater Purpose (and perhaps other times, a Greater Porpoise). A couple Saturdays back, I had just finished an overpriced, under-French Toast’d² breakfast, when I decided… Read More »