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Review: Pentel Fude Extra Fine Tip Brush Pen

Each brush pen is different. Some are great for sketching, others are better for fine details (JetPens offers this handy brush pen guide). Last time, I reviewed the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, which many cartoonists love (including myself). Note: this post first appeared on my other website, clattertron.com. Today, I’m reviewing another Pentel Brush Pen, the Fude Extra Fine Tip Brush Pen. (I learned about both pens via the Inktober website)… Read More »

Art Supply Review: Fluid Cold Press Watercolor Block 4” x 6”

[dc]I[/dc]f you see me at comic conventions and other events, then you know I sell watercolor cartoon paintings. These days, I’m working more with larger watercolor cartoons, offering 4” by 6” paintings for sale. My go to watercolor paper for my cartoons I sell at shows (and through my Etsy shop) is the Fluid Cold Press block. The paper is acid free and 140 lb., making it a great choice… Read More »

Art Supply Review: ArtBin Storage Box

[dc]I[/dc] love buying art supplies: pens, pencils, markers, even brushes. The problem is, where do I store them all? When I’m home, it isn’t too much of an issue, but if I’m on the go, especially at an appearance, I need my art supplies portable. Time to Upgrade For years, I used a beat up pencil pouch I bought for a couple of dollars at an office supply store. It… Read More »

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: A Portable Drawing Powerhouse

[dc]P[/dc]art three of my series on drawing tablets continues today with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Need to catch up? Read my posts about the Motion Computing LE1700 and the Wacom Cintiq. Note: the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is another option, and it might be cheaper. I only tried the Surface Pro 3. I kept hearing about artists using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 as a drawing tablet, so I… Read More »

Wacom Cintiq: The Drawing Tablet Gold Standard

[dc]I[/dc] wrote yesterday about my search for a drawing tablet, which started with the ‘portable and affordable’ Motion Computing LE1700. Today, I look at the Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet. One of my artist pals in Lansing, Steve Jencks, let me try out Manga Studio on his Wacom Cintiq (NOTE: I think Steve owns a different version than the one I’m considering, but it is pretty much the same thing). There… Read More »