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Photos – Kids at the Zoo

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of today’s post, I want to point out that you can now Like my individual posts on Facebook. Just use the Like button above (if you are reading this via RSS or Livejournal, you may have to visit my site to use this feature). You will have to log into Facebook for this to work, or already be logged in. That is all! I… Read More »

Making Your Own Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan pages are all the rage these days–seems like every day I have a bunch of ‘suggested’ fan pages in my Facebook inbox. They are handy when it comes to promotion and stay connected–I have one for the Magic of Eyri Podcast. I bit the bullet and made one for myself over the weekend. Why? Shameless self-promotion. Well, OK. That was only a little bit of it–the two main… Read More »