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Chicago Comic Con Part 3

Chicago Comic Con, Part 3: The Long Walk Home Part 1 :: Part 2 Guess who? HINT: Not the Iron Giant I only took my backpack with me for this trip, as I required just one change of clothes and even then just the basics (tshirt/underwear), so I had to watch how much I bought. This did keep me from buying a few things I didn’t really need (ex: a… Read More »

Chicago Comic Con Part 2

Chicago Comic Con, Part 2: Obligatory Wrath of Con Joke Part 1 can be read here Optimus Claus wants to hear what’s on your Wookie Life Day wish list..just don’t ask for the Matrix of Leadership. I try to avoid paying cover price for anything at a con, at least in regards to paperback collections of old issues (because you can always get those for less than cover price on… Read More »

Chicago Comic Con Part 1

I’m breaking my post about the Chicago Comic Con up into a few shorter posts.  Enjoy. Chicago Comic Con, Part 1: – Fun With Mass Transit I attended the Chicago Comic-Con this past Saturday and Sunday (would have went on Friday, but I had a prior commitment to be a guest at a teen writing workshop at my local library–which was a blast). Bebop and Rocksteady search the Con for… Read More »

Drawn Together

Local cartoonist, Jef Mallet, visited my nearby library (the Delta Township District Library, which has felt like a second home as of late) Wednesday night. Jef draws the nationally syndicated comic strip, Frazz. It is about a janitor at a elementary school–who is actually a gifted song writer, but keeps the job because he loves the kids so much. Jef started things out by drawing Frazz for us, live, on… Read More »

Magic of Eyri Ep009 Now Online

Episode 009 of my free podcast is now online.  I’m looking forward to promoting the podcast next weekend at Wizard World in Chicago.  How I’m going to do that exactly, I’m not sure yet. I’m tempted to wear an “Ask Me About My Podcast” tshirt. I wore my Ghostbusters costume at Motor City Comic Con while promoting it there and that helped a bunch (people asked for photos and I… Read More »