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Video: Inktober Inking (Day 7 – Cat + Sci-Fi Mashup Cartoon)

Feast your eyes upon a new video of me inking another Inktober cartoon. This was Saturday’s cartoon (see the finished version on my Patreon, for free). I livedstreamed this video on my personal Facebook page (as a public post, mind you). I wanted to see how the reach compared to streaming on the Clattertron Facebook page. Watch my video below! It’s about 25 minutes. I have another video of me… Read More »

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – A Year Later

[dc]A[/dc] year ago, I made a big change. No, not a switch to Batman Underoos (sadly), but to making my comics digitally. After deciding to make the switch, I looked at three options: the Motion Computing LE1700, the WACOM Cintiq, and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Spoiler alert: I went with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Now, a year later (roughly, because who is really counting? Maybe that one guy),… Read More »

Behind the Scenes: Using Bing Ads

[dc]R[/dc]unning a website means constantly trying new things to promote what I do. Since I can’t use Google AdWords any longer, I decided to try Bing Ads, the Microsoft version of Google’s famous advertising service. Instead of advertising on Google, my ads run on Bing and Yahoo search results (and websites using those search engines, or running Bing Ads). Bing Ads operates pretty much the same way as Google’s AdWords:… Read More »

Behind the Scenes: Sketching, Drawing, Inking, and Coloring in Manga Studio

[dc]M[/dc]y working digitally changed the way I make comics, from top to bottom. Before I got my Surface Pro 3 and went 100% digital, I drew and inked my comics on Bristol board, scanned them, and finished it up in Photoshop. Now, I do everything inside Manga Studio 5 (aka Clip Studio Paint Pro which is the name of the the digital version on my Surface. They are the same… Read More »

Pen Showdown: Pilot Precise V5 vs. Uniball Jetstream 0.7

[dc]I[/dc] have an addiction: no, not Pogs. Six weeks in a treatment camp in the late 1990s cleared that up. I’m talking about pens. I love pens. All kinds of pens (well, except for gel pens). I’m always on the look out for the next ‘great pen.’ Be it for writing, drawing, or propping up my smartphone so I can read hockey blogs hands free (don’t judge). Allow me to… Read More »