Daniel’s LinkedIn Profile.


Grand Valley State University (2000 – 2005)

Bachelor of Arts in Communications: Film and Video Production (Animation emphasis)
Minor: Advertising and Public Relations.

Work Experience:


Writer/Cartoonist, Clattertron – 01/12 – present.

Daniel write and draw a weekly all-ages comic. Daniel also write blog posts with a humor focus, these range from ‘slice of life’ to his Amazon Enigmas series and more.

Media Production Specialist, Michigan House of Representatives (Non-Partisan), Lansing, MI 8/05 – present

Daniel directs live TV coverage and runs cameras for coverage of House Session and Committee meetings (think of it as Michigan’s version of C-SPAN). Daniel also helps with the production of the Governor’s yearly State of the State Address. He creates graphics for use during production (lower thirds, full screen), which requires translating legalese into easily understood copy for viewers. Daniel also runs the House TV Twitter account.


Evening College Lecturer, Michigan State University Alumni Association – 9/2011 – 2014.

Taught a two-hour adult education class on blogging and using WordPress, called Blogging 101.

Contributing Writer, The Ilder – 12/2010 – 2013.

Contributer to the Gamers’ Club and In the Dark (Without the Guilt) columns.

Writer/Editor, Lost Highway’s B-Movie Reviews and Cult Films, 3/2011 – 12/2013

Daniel wrote satirical reviews of b-movies and cult films. He wrote “in character” as Tiger Sixon.

Feature Writer (freelance),  Lansing Capital Gains (, Lansing, MI 1/09 – 3/13

Daniel wrote 1,000 word feature articles about businesses and people around Lansing with a positive focus.

Landing in Lansing with a Love for Comics (Lansing Capital Gains, 03.13.13)

Drawn Together: One Couple’s Love for Anime Brings Shuto Con to Lansing (Lansing Capital Gains, 04.11.12)

Search for the Best Pad Thai in Town  (Lansing Capital Gains, 02.01.12)

Cultivating Art in Lansing (Lansing Capital Gains, 11.16.11 — lead photo is by Daniel too)

App Makers in Lansing (Lansing Capital Gains, 10.05.11)

Celebrating Film in Lansing (Lansing Capital Gains, 07.13.11)

Lansing’s Own Beer Hound (Lansing Capital Gains, 04.13.11)

Behind the Scenes at Ignite Lansing 4.0 (Lansing Capital Gains, 03.02.11)

Daniel J. Moves Downtown (Lansing Capital Gains, 09.08.2010)

Building a Healthier Lansing (Lansing Capital Gains, 02.17.2010)

Single in the City (Lansing Capital Gains, 01.20.2010)

Game On, Grow On (Lansing Capital Gains, 01.13.2010)

Lansing’s International Flavor (Lansing Capital Gains, 11.04.09.  Republished on 12.09.09)

Landing in Lansing: Shirley Saylor (Lansing Capital Gains, 10.07.09)

Life in Lansing Goes Live (Lansing Capital Gains, 09.16.09)

Eastside Lansing’s Golden Spoon (Lansing Capital Gains, 09.02.09)

Bringing Back the Boomerangs (Lansing Capital Gains, 04.29.09)

Uncle Sam’s New Mix for Old Town (Lansing Capital Gains, 03.04.09)

Guest Blogs for (02.04.09 – 02.06.09)

Creator, Writer, Voice Actor, Producer, The Magic of Eyri Podcast, 04/09 – 09/12

Daniel adapted his Magic of Eyri novel to an audio dramatization podcast, with 53 episodes in all (and free). He wrote all of the audio scripts, recorded the audio, edited the episodes (using GarageBand) and uploaded everything to the website.

Writer, Talk Show Host, Webmaster,, 11/10 – 8/12

Daniel hosted a comedy talk show podcast with Kat Cooper, which included a live video feed. He also maintained the website and wrote blog posts.

Programming – Daniel helped plan the show’s topic each week and arrange for guests to be interviewed. He wrote sketch comedy bits as well.

Social Media – Daniel ran the Twitter account and Facebook page for Ginger and the Geek.

Columnist (Mansense), Man Up – 3/2011 – 7/2011.

Daniel wrote a humor column.

Lansing Restaurant Examiner,, 11/09 – 11/11

Daniel wrote stories about Lansing restaurants (around 300 words each). He was responsible for uploading stories, photos and videos to the Examiner website via a CMS interface.

Co-host, LansingNext,, 2/10 – 10/10

A weekly talk show podcast co-hosted with Kat Cooper.  The show focused on positive stories about Michigan and Lansing.

Programming – Daniel helped plan the show’s topic each week and arranged for guests to be interviewed.

Social Media – Daniel ran the Twitter and Facebook accounts for LansingNext.

Development Editor, Lansing Capital Gains (, Lansing, MI 2/10 – 5/10

Daniel wrote four positive development stories a week, all about 200 words each. Daniel followed story leads, researched stories and conducted over-the-phone interviews (some were face-to-face). He was responsible for uploading each of the stories to the Lansing Capital Gains website each week via a CMS interface.

This was a freelance position, but I was under contract to deliver four stories a week. I was part of the editorial team and attended regular editorial meetings.

Sample 1 :: Sample 2 :: Sample 3

Guest Columnist,, 11/09 – 1/10

Daniel wrote a weekly column (High Noon Fantasy Hockey) containing fantasy hockey news, tips and advice (around 1,000 words), with a bit of humor. Sample.

 House TV Intern, House TV,  Michigan House of Representatives Lansing, MI 5/05 – 8/05

Started the internship right after graduating from Grand Valley State University.

Videographer, News and Information Services, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI 2/04 – 5/05

Freelance videography for the university.  Duties included attending sporting events to record video for highlight reels, attending and recording special events at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, and recording graduation ceremonies at the Van Andel Arena as well as the Grand Traverse Resort (Traverse City, MI).

Art Department & Set Designer, A Moment of Grace (short film), 2004.

Duties included working under the Art Director to create the visual look of the film.  This involved brainstorming ideas, building and dressing sets and acquiring all of the necessary materials to do so.

Equipment Technician, School of Communications, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI 9/01 – 5/05

Duties included renting out and maintaining production equipment to students, helping students with equipment related questions and aiding students in the use of the computer editing suites.

Customer Service Representative, Blockbuster Video, St. Claire Shores, MI 1/00 – 12/04.

Ran a cash register, checked materials in and out, helped customers with their selections.


Software: Proficient with – Macintosh and Windows operating systems, Manga Studio and Clip Stuido Paint Pro, Photoshop, GarageBand, Audacity, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto, Camtasia Mac, Snagit, Jing, basic HTML and CSS, WordPress blogging software and Microsoft Office.

Equipment: Experience with – Pioneer DVD recorder decks (PRV-LX1), ECHOlab 2500 switcher, Telemetrics remote camera control system, Deko 500 character/graphics generator,  Sony Beta and HD/DV cameras, Sony digital still cameras, Canon DV cameras, Canon DSLRs and lenses, Panasonic DV cameras, audio mixers, and WACOM drawing tablets.

Personal: Danel is a quick learner, especially in regards to software and equipment.  He does not have a problem teaching himself how to do something (Daniel taught himself guitar, bass, drums and piano, as well as HTML, web design, audio editing, audio recording and desktop publishing to name only a few).  Daniel reads manuals and is not hesitant to look up information online to solve an issue.  Daniel meets deadlines and works better with them, and thrives when faced with creative challenges.

Other Skills:
Directing live TV coverage, Self-Publishing, using social networking websites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,Flickr, YouTube), graphic design, desktop publishing, web design, writing press releases, art direction, set design, set painting, set construction, managing a team of animators, being a production assistant.

Awards and recognition:

2015 SPACE Prize – Best Webomic

Awarded a special scholarship by the Grand Valley School of Communications to attend a stop-motion animation workshop in Grand Rapids.

Won ‘Best Student Animation’ at the 2004 Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts (, for the animated short “Lunch Date.”

Selected to the 2005 Muskegon Film Festival (

Selected to the 2005 Nontzeflash Animation Festival (, a Europe based Flash-animation festival and was one of only four Americans to selected.

Participated in the 2005 Kalamazoo Animation Festival International “Cartoon Challenge” as captain of the Grand Valley State University “Cartoon Challenge” team. Final short.

Featured as a “GVSU Success Story” on the Grand Valley State University website.

Four-Time Winner of the National Novel Writing Month contest by finishing a 50,000-word novella within 30 days (2005, 2007, 2008, 2010).


Triathlete (Hawk Island Triathlon 2011).

Listed on the Internet Movie Database.

Performed live improv comedy for over three years.

On-air DJ for Grand Valley State University’s student run radio station, WCKS 1610 AM, for over four years.

Self-taught guitarist, bassist, pianist and drummer.

Member of the ASIFA (International Animated Film Society) Central Chapter.

Volunteer Work:

Volunteer for the 2012 Capital City Dragon Boat Races.

Volunteer for Old Town Oktoberfest 2011.

Volunteer photographer for Lansing JazzFest 2011.

Volunteer photographer for TEDx Lansing 2011.

Volunteer photographer for Capital City Film Festival 2011.

Volunteer photographer for IgniteLansing 4 (2011).

Volunteer developer for Lansing Give Camp 2011.

Part of the Selection Committee for the inaugural Capital City Film Festival (2011), and for the next several years.

Worked as a half-time show volunteer for Super Bowl XL in Detroit by helping set up speakers for the Rolling Stones half-time show.

Volunteered as a student helper for the 2004 International Animated Film Society – Mid West Chapter (ASIFA) Animation Retreat (

Was a teacher assistant for an entry level media production class as well as a history of animation class.

Volunteered at the 2006 East Lansing Art Festival and helped with tear-down and clean-up.

Volunteered at Lansing Potter Park Zoo’s “Boo at the Zoo,” 2007.

Frequently volunteers with the Detroit Race For the Cure.

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Daniel J. Hogan is a geeky cartoonist and writer living in Michigan. Daniel is available for freelance writing and cartooning commissions (Contact Daniel). This post contains affiliate links, unless it doesn't.

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