My name is Daniel J. Hogan (the J is short for Pretentious) and I live in Lansing, Michigan. Someone has to, right? I’m a writer and cartoonist, with experience in a variety of creative fields, some of which are marketable.

If you want to read my latest writing or comic, head over to clattertron.com, as the humbly named danieljhogan.com is now a portfolio website. The best way to say updated is to subscribe to my weekly Clattertron Newsletter (you can also use the sign up box in right sidebar).

EXTRA LIFE – I’m playing a lot of games on November 7, 2015 to raise money for the Sparrow Children’s Center here in Lansing. It’s part of the Extra Life charity, and please donate if you can.

CARTOONING – I draw the comic strip Clattertron, which I began in 2012. Since then, I draw and publish a new comic strip every Monday.

I used to draw the comics on paper, but these days I make all of my comics digitally using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Manga Studio. I sell original watercolor cartoons through my Etsy shop, while other items like t-shirts and prints are available through my Society6 shop.

I’m currently open to art commissions. Contact me for rates.

FREELANCE WRITING – If you are looking for a freelance writer, please view my writing samples. I write articles, audio script, blogs, content/copy, feature articles, fiction, and reviews of all kinds. If you are looking for writing with a humorous angle, I’m your guy. Contact me for rates.

SPEAKING AND TEACHING – I am an experienced public speaker, with many lectures, presentations, and panel talks under my belt. Subjects include: blogging, creativity, film, humor, podcasting, productivity, self-publishing, writing, and using WordPress to name just a few.

For three semesters, I taught adult education classes on blogging and WordPress, for the Michigan State University Alumni Association Evening College. I am available for one-on-one tutoring and workshops. Contact me for rates.

I also performed a few sets of stand-up comedy around the Lansing area. In college, I was part of an improv comedy group, as well as a campus radio station DJ.

My other speaking experience includes co-hosting a weekly talk show podcast for a couple of years, called Ginger and the Geek. In addition to co-hosting, I wrote our comedy sketches, helped set-up weekly guests, edited audio, and ran the website.

NOVELS – I am the author of the fantasy-comedy novel, The Magic of Eyri, which I self-published in 2007. You can order a copy on Amazon, Lulu (also available as an eBook) or iTunes Books. There is also a podcast version–53 free episodes! I have a Goodreads Author Profile and an Amazon Author Profile if you are into that kind of thing.

In 2013, I finished the final draft of a new fantasy novel (about 87 thousand words), and I am shopping it to agents. It is best summed up as a mixture of adventure, fantasy elements, humor, and spaghetti Western films.

In 2014, I starting writing the first draft of a new humorous science fiction novel, which takes place at an abandoned theme park in a post apocalyptic future.