Review: Bee Paper Super Deluxe Sketch Pad

I love a good sketchbook, and I like trying new sketchbooks when I get the chance.

For my latest sketchbook purchase, I picked up a Bee Paper Super Deluxe (9” x 12”). It sports a sticker on the front claiming it is “The Only Sketch Book You Will Ever Need.” Additionally, the sticker says the paper can handle pencil, ink, crayon, watercolor, and more. Note: this post first appeared on my other website, clattertron.

bee paper sketchbook

My Bee Paper sketchbook. That’s the Bacon Thief sticker I bought at SPACE. Via my Instagram.

After using mine for a couple of weeks, I can say my Bee Paper Super Deluxe Sketch Pad made good on this claim.

I learned about Bee Paper sketchbooks via Instagram, on Natalie Nourigat’s account (she posted a photo of her own), and I decided to give one a try.

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2017 Appearances UPDATED

Convention season kicks off this weekend for me with the Clinton-Macomb Comic Con. I have four appearances over the next three weekends, and another in August. More could pop up here and there before the end of 2017, so keep your peepers on the Clattertron blog and Facebook page for the latest info.

Daniel J. Hogan’s 2017 Appearances (subject to change)

Make Digital Comics? Try Blambot’s Free Fonts

blambot logo

Image via

I started using Blambot fonts for my comics (with this one). Why? After years of hand-lettering my digital comics, I decided to shake things up.

Blambot Fonts: The Switch

I never used Clip Studio Paint‘s font tool the past because I wasn’t crazy about the default fonts. This changed after I went to Blambot’s site and tried out a few of their free fonts. I downloaded a few free fonts and played around in Clip Studio Paint.

I quickly decided I wanted to switch to using a digital font.

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Review: Art Snacks – January

art snacks january 2017

January’s Art Snacks selection.

As one of my Christmas presents, Stephanie got me a six-month subscription to Art Snacks. It’s a monthly service like Loot Crate, but instead of t-shirts and toys, I get art supplies.

Art Snacks: What’s In the Box?

The photo above shows January’s haul:

I really like the Twin RB+F pen and the Black Star Pencil. I haven’t used the paint and the brush much, only for the Art Snacks Challenge (read below).

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