Video: Surface 4 Pen Unboxing

surface 4 pen

Time for an upgrade. Image via Amazon.

I’ve had my Surface Pro 3 tablet for over three years now and I decided it was time to get a new pen. I put a lot of miles on my Surface Pro 3’s pen over those years. Drawing weekly comics, a pair of coloring books, and other cartooning adds up.

Why Get a New Surface Pen?

The Surface Pro 3’s original pen was “good enough” for me when I bought my first tablet. I didn’t have any earlier experience with a “draw on the screen” tablet, like a fancy WACOM, so anything was better than nothing. After a few years of use though, I’ve realized some of the original pen’s limitations. The biggest limitation? A tip not necessarily the best for drawing.

Plus, after three years of steady use, my pen’s tip was kinda busted (a piece was hanging off).

Surface 4 Pen Compatibility

An artist friend of mine, Steve Jencks¹, told me I could use the Surface 4 pen with my Surface Pro 3, so I did some research. Steve spoke the truth! Thanks to a couple of birthday Amazon gift cards, I promptly ordered a new pen and awaited its arrival.

Watch my video below!

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Review: Pentel Fude Extra Fine Tip Brush Pen

Each brush pen is different. Some are great for sketching, others are better for fine details (JetPens offers this handy brush pen guide). Last time, I reviewed the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, which many cartoonists love (including myself). Note: this post first appeared on my other website,

Today, I’m reviewing another Pentel Brush Pen, the Fude Extra Fine Tip Brush Pen. (I learned about both pens via the Inktober website)

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Review: Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

I always wanted to try a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Why? Aside from adding to my ever-growing pen collection, I like the look brush pens offer when it comes to inking. Note: this post first appeared on my other website,

pentel pocket brush pen tip

Abe loves a good brush tip.

Strokes from brush pens are the weird uncles¹ at the pen family reunion: average one moment, wobbly the next, and always random.

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See Me at Capital City Comic Con on Saturday

This Saturday, August 26 brings the return of Capital City Comic Con in East Lansing, MI. Like last year, Capital City Comic Con is at the Breslin Center on Michigan State University’s campus.

When Is Capital City Comic Con?

The fun starts at 10 AM this Saturday, August 26 and goes until 6 PM. It is a one-day show, so stop by if you can. I will be there all day!

Where is Capital City Comic Con?

Point your GPS to the Breslin Center at Michigan State University. Even though the event is on campus, you can’t miss the Breslin Center: it’s a huge arena. There’s free parking too!

Capital City Comic Con Tickets

Tickets for the day are only $15 (a steal compared to other shows), and children seven years old and younger get in for free. You can buy tickets online too, and avoid the long lines.

Plus, $1 from every ticket sale goes to the Reading People at the Capital Area Literacy Coalition!

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Video: Making Thank You Cards for Prints

thank you card video

My hands are pretty. PRETTY ROUGH. Watch below!

I’m trying to up my video output these days. Video is the thing on social media, according to what I learned at a recent workshop. There’s no reason I shouldn’t do more video, especially since it’s a) something I have a college degree in and b) it’s what I do for my day job.

Watch the video below!

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