LansingNext was a weekly talk show podcast I recorded with my co-host, Kat Cooper (but I started the show with Julielyn Gibbons).  We chatted about what was going on around town and brought in local guests.

Some of our guests included Chad Jordan of Cravings Popcorn, Justin “Bugsy” Sailor, Steve Jencks of Lost Highway’s B-Movie Reviews, fantasy author Jim C. Hines and Carla McWherter of Lansing Give Camp.

We focused on positive stories about Lansing (and Michigan) and stayed away from politics.

LansingNext came to an end in October 2010. The podcast ran for eight months.

Kat and I started the Ginger and the Geek podcast in December 2010. It is similar to LansingNext, but has more of a comedy focus. We even act out comedy skits from time to time.

Ginger and the Geek Podcast
During the rest of the week, we blog about our favorite subjects.

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