Over the years Daniel produced and hosted/co-hosted a few podcasts, including a novel dramatization and two talk shows. In most cases, Daniel wrote scripts, edited audio, ran websites, and coordinated guest appearances–and in the case of The Magic of Eyri and Ginger and the Geek sketches, performed character voices.

Daniel is not producing any podcasts at the moment, but his previous podcasts include:

For some reason, other podcasts ask Daniel to appear as a guest from time to time.

The Magic of Eyri Podcast

Daniel produced an audio book podcast based on his novel, The Magic of Eyri. It featured music, sound effects, and character voices (mostly performed by Daniel). The podcast ran for 53 episodes (all free to download), spread across four “seasons” and took a little over three years to complete.

Magic of Eyri Podcast and NovelDaniel wrote scripts bases on the novel, recorded and edited audio, and used audio editing software to make his own sound effects and character voices.

Download every episode of the Magic of Eyri Podcast. The original novel is available for purchase on Lulu or Amazon.

Ginger and the Geek Podcast

Ginger and the Geek was a talk show podcast Daniel co-hosted with Kat Cooper from November 2010 to August 2012. To the surprise of no one, Daniel was the Geek half. It was a casual talk show, with a humor focus, and tried to showcase what was going on around Lansing the week of the show.

Ginger and the Geek Podcast

On every show Daniel and Kat interviewed guests, cracked jokes, talked about what is going on around Lansing and sometimes performed sketch comedy (written by Daniel).

In addition to co-hosting, Daniel edited/uploaded the episodes and ran the website. Daniel and Kat blogged during the week (Kat usually wrote about crafts and fashion, Daniel, surprise, leaned toward geeky stuff). Both shared the responsibility of arranging for guests to appear on the show.

As of October 2016, the Ginger and the Geek website is offline and the episodes are no longer available for download. They may be added here in the future.


LansingNext was a weekly talk show podcast Daniel recorded with his co-host, Kat Cooper (but he started the show with Julielyn Gibbons).  The focus of the show was what was going on around town and local guests. It laid the groundwork for what would become Ginger and the Geek.

Guests included Chad Jordan of Cravings Popcorn, Justin “Bugsy” Sailor, Steve Jencks of Lost Highway’s B-Movie Reviews, fantasy author Jim C. Hines and Carla McWherter of Lansing Give Camp. Sample Episode

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