Lunch Date

Daniel’s animated short Lunch Date appeared in a few film festivals: 2004 Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts (Winner, Best Student Animation), 2005 Muskegon Film Festival, 2005 Nontzeflash Animation Festival (where he was one of only four Americans selected).

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Out of Rum

Daniel received a special scholarship by the Grand Valley State University School of Communications to attend a stop-motion animation workshop in Grand Rapids.

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No Trombones

In 2005, Daniel captained the Grand Valley State University “Cartoon Challenge” Team, “Hogan’s Zeros” at the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International.  Teams had less than a week to finish a thirty-second public service announcement based on the topic they received.

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The Grand Valley State University team was the second team to finish (and not every team even finished).  As team captain, Daniel directed the production of the short (all of the team had creative input), delegated duties, drew backgrounds, created special effects and edited the short together in Final Cut Pro (…and helped choreograph the dance the characters do at the end).


For his senior animation project, Advice, Daniel experimented with mixing live action footage with animation.

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Tracker Joe’s Space Safari

Daniel created the short cartoon Tracker Joe’s Space Safari as an entry for an animation contest. In addition to writing and animating, Daniel did all the voice work and recorded the theme song.

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Sound of the Beast

Daniel experimented with rotoscoping–tracing over video–for Sound of the Beast. The source video and sound is Daniel playing a bass guitar.

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$2 a Day Diet

Daniel and a classmate animated paper cutouts for a short about people who only have $2 a day to spend on food.

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Daniel J. Hogan is a geeky cartoonist and writer living in Lansing, Michigan. Daniel writes and draws the weekly fantasy comic Foxes & Boxes for Need a cartoon commission? Contact Daniel. This post contains affiliate links, unless it doesn't.

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