Video: Inktober Inking (Day 7 – Cat + Sci-Fi Mashup Cartoon)

By | October 10, 2017
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I know that hand.

Feast your eyes upon a new video of me inking another Inktober cartoon. This was Saturday’s cartoon (see the finished version on my Patreon, for free). I livedstreamed this video on my personal Facebook page (as a public post, mind you). I wanted to see how the reach compared to streaming on the Clattertron Facebook page.

Watch my video below! It’s about 25 minutes. I have another video of me painting the cartoon I’ll get up here soon.

Inktober Day 7 Video

If the embed doesn’t work, use this link.

Hooray, More Video

Thankfully, I realized I could shoot video horizontally in the Facebook app. Vertical video is OK on an app, but not on anything else. Although, I should probably just worry about how video looks on apps anyway. It’s a learning process. I may try a different angle the next time I shoot another inking/paining video. I’m happy with this video, but I would prefer a closer shot of the drawing.

Facebook Pages Reach

My experiment paid off, I think. The live video reached a good crowd on my personal page, and I had a few people interact with me via the comments. I have yet to get comments “in the moment” on any of my Facebook Live videos on the Clattertron page.

Why the difference? If you have a “business” page, like I do for Clattertron and this website, Facebook wants you to pay to reach your fans. Sure, your posts will reach a few, but nowhere near the full amount. It is extortion on Facebook’s part, plain and simple. I have no problem paying to reach new fans or potential fans. My problem lies with Facebook forcing me to pay to reach the people who opted into following my page or liking it in the first place.

Anyway, it stinks. I go back and forth about spending money on Facebook advertising, constantly.

Inktober Pens

Pens I used in the video:

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