Art and Quote in Lansing State Journal Article

By | August 26, 2016

Some fun news on the eve of Capital City Comic Con, I have a bit of art and a quote featured in an article for the Lansing State Journal about the event (written by Anne Erickson).

The art I sent in is a page from the new comic I’m starting next month, Foxes and Boxes. This will still be on, it’s just a new story as I give long form comics a try (and yes, I bought, it will redirect to Clattertron for now). It isn’t the full page, but most of the page. I’m hoping to start running the pages, one every Monday, starting in September.

The first six pages are finished, and I’m working on the next two. But, I really want at least eight pages finished before I start publishing them.

Anyway, give Anne’s article a read, and better still come and see me at Capital City Comic Con tomorrow.

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