Monday Links and News – 03.11.2013

By | March 11, 2013

I wrote about attending the MSU Comics Forum on Clattertron last week, with a major focus on Nick Bertozzi’s keynote address. It was the first time I made it to a keynote address at the Comics Forum–I always want to go, but something always came up in the past. I’m glad I made it–Bertozzi is a great speaker and I learned a bunch. Following Bertozzi’s lecture, I immediately walked across the street to 21st Century Comics and Games and purchased a book he mentioned: Scott McCloud’s Making Comics. It is incredibly useful and helpful–and honestly, it is what I hoped Understanding Comics was when I got it several years ago (nothing against Understanding Comics, of course).

I haven’t been making comics for even a year yet, so Bertozzi’s keynote address and McCloud’s book were both incredibly educational, in that I’m getting better at studying comics and cartooning. I studied animation and film in college, so studying comics and cartooning is right in my wheel house.

Speaking of making comics, I’m pretty happy with last week’s Cat Shaming II comic. I feel it was a big improvement over the first, at least in terms of character design. Heck, even my line thickness is different–I try to use thicker lines these days, at least for the outside of characters.

I pick things up as I go, and I figure in another year or so, I might actually start to know what I am doing.


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