Monday Links and News – 02.11.2013

By | February 11, 2013

I forgot last week’s news post, so here (again) is a double-shot of updates. I tried something new with last week’s comic on Clattertron–widescreen aspect ratio panels (2.35:1). I used a halftone method to ‘shade’ the backgrounds a bit. It was a lot of work, but that typically happens the first time you try something new. I enjoy experimenting with my comics, be it drawing style, layout, or effects in Photoshop. There’s no law which says each comic has to be done the same way.

Which is a fancy excuse for my inability to draw characters the same way every time (at leas so far). My drawing is coming along, and I’m happy with my progress. What has really helped is practicing basic cartooning principles and fundamentals. I’m no Chuck Jones yet, but I’m getting better each week. Practicing helps. I picked up a cartooning book which I refer to constantly–for practice and my strips. For warmups or practice, I go through several of the exercises in the book, sometimes copying entire pages.

For example, look at this.

R to L: last August, two weeks ago, last week.

R to L: last August, two weeks ago, last week.

On the far right is a panel from a comic I drew last August. In the middle is last week’s comic. On the left is a practice sketch I cleaned up (I was practicing expressions). I’ve been working on a ‘character design’ for myself in my autobiographical comics, and the book I picked up has helped.


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