Monday Links and News – 01.07.2013

By | January 7, 2013

Another year in the can. Good-bye 2012, hello 2013. What will this year bring? I hope it brings pizza.

I did a sort of ‘year in review’ recap new post on Clattertron last week. Mainly, I talked about how my drawings have improved (slightly) over the (almost) first year of the site. 2012 was a big year in its own way: I started drawing comics (again), I became engaged, Ginger and the Geek and Magic of Eyri came to an end, and I finished writing a new novel (and began looking for an agent).


My new blog, with a humor focus, is on The blog on is used for weekly links, news, general updates, and tips on how to help your okapi lose weight. You can follow me on Twitter, @danieljhogan.


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