Monday Links and News – 11.12.2012

By | November 12, 2012

My new blog, with a humor focus, is on The blog on will be used for weekly links, news, general updates, and My Little Pony fan fiction.

Great news–Puck Daddy, an NHL blog on Yahoo!, linked to my latest hockey humor about the cancelled Winter Classic in Puck Headlines. Both of you will recall, the same thing happened back in October with my ‘forgotten’ NHL video games humor post.


Comic – 11/05/2012 Disney Presents Disney’s Star Wars
Comic – 11/06/2012 Election Day 2012 (special Election Day bonus comic!)

Humor -11/06/2012 I’m Tired of Election Day So Here’s a Video of My Cat Sneezing
Humor – 11/07/2012 Missing the Winter Classic?: 10 Ways NHL Fans Can Spend New Year’s Day Instead
Humor – 11/08/2012 Amazon Enigmas: Impress Your Thanksgiving Dinner Guests With These Costumes

The Idler
The Alien on My DVR

Work on the current draft of my next humor-fantasy novel, Riddle of the White Gun, continues. I hit a stride this week, after having issues getting ‘back on the horse’ after (unexpectedly) taking two months off. I hope to be finished with this book by the end of December (which was when I finished the first draft last year).



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