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By | May 2, 2012

After a lot of thought, I decided to move my silly humor writings and sillier comics to their own website,

Why? A few reasons.

Most importantly, I decided I needed some kind of ‘portfolio’ website to showcase all of my different projects and *cough* skills. A fresh start on meant I could also install ComicPress for the comics and have a blank canvas– has been retooled and changed so many times, it has all kinds of personality problems.

My blog here will be for general ‘what I am doing’ or ‘look at this cool thing’ type posts, and will be, as its title suggests, irregular. For those wanting additional semi-regular content, I suggest subscribing to my feeds for Ginger and the Geek, Geek Speak, The Idler, Lost Highway, and My’brary Adventure.

As much as I enjoy being silly and goofy online, I really needed a place where I could come across as semi-serious (or at least as serious as I can). is my place to make jokes and be strange–my ‘tshirt and jeans’ site. will serve as a hub, of sorts, and be my ‘suit and tie’ site.

Wait. I like this better: is the front of the mullet. Clattertron is the back. Business in the front, party in the back, as the state motto goes (I forget which one).

I have separate feeds for all the nonsense on Clattertron. I also set up a Tumblr feed for the comics. The comic will update on Monday, at least. I would like to get to maybe two comics a week eventually (baby steps).

And while the comic stuff is pretty much set, I am still organizing the blog side. I am enjoying drawing comics again, and it makes for a fun non-digital creative outlet (at least until I scan the drawings, then all bets are off).

Plus, now I can draw comics about people not liking Mondays. My Internet Guru assured me no one has touched on this topic.

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