Apparently, January is Pavel Datsyuk Month

By | January 6, 2012

I’m a busy person, and things just fall through the cracks: birthdays, oil changes, bail hearings and such. Save for perhaps Ryan Gosling,* no one is perfect, which is why I can find Apple+Z on a Windows keyboard with my eyes closed.

A recent example of my less than Gosling nature was when it came time to hang my brand new 2012 Detroit Red Wings calendar (thanks, Mom). I was embarrassed to see my 2011 Detroit Red Wings calendar was still stuck on January. Oops. But, given the featured player for the month was Pavel Datsyuk, forgetting to turn the page wasn’t so bad.

Then, I opened my 2012 calendar and saw Datsyuk was once again Mr. January.


Pavel Datsyuk calendars.

Crappy cellphone photo is crappy.

I’m glad to see he is at least on the opposite side of the page this year. Related: the Wings play the Leafs on Saturday. Looking forward to that one.

Speaking of the Leafs, I wonder if Tomas Kaberle and Tyler Seguin sent Leafs GM Brian Burke a Thank You card after winning the Stanley Cup with Boston? No, perhaps not.

Coming in 2013 (pending a delay in the Apocalypse/Ragnarok/Goslingeddon, mind you), “Well, I did it AGAIN.”


* Did you SEE Drive? My favorite film of 2011 without “Chip” in the title.


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