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By | August 29, 2011
Photo of Sometime God Has a Kid's Face novel by Daniel J. Hogan

Watch out for wandering packs of cover-less novels. They hang out by the river, and smoke.

 Taken with the Retro Camera App for Android Phones

Ah, Street Photography. You have to love any medium which let’s one pass off black and white photos of street trash as Art. I spotted this topless novel on Lansing’s River Trail. I do not know how or why it came to be there, but I can only guess its previous owner rid themselves of the novel after they finished their filtered cigarette.

The real travesty is, upon reading the Sister Mary Rose McGeady byline, my memory instantly shifted back to my high school English teacher’s “Sister Mary Elephant” joke. The travesty not being said joke, but the fact I had forgotten about it for so many years. Time to work that baby into my regular rotation. That will go over great at this year’s Christmas dinner.


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