Photo – Sequestered Dolphin

By | December 22, 2010
photo of dolphins at Epcot by Daniel J. Hogan

Cover art for the lost Smith's single, "Dolphin in a Coma."

Yes! More black and white photography–that’s the ticket. Give the people what they want, I always say.  This was taken at the Seas at Epcot in Walt Disney World (got all that?)

For some reason, these dolphins were separated. I shot this through glass, water and uh, dolphin.

The original color shot was not much better, as the lighting was blah and I was shooting through glass and water.  But, the positions of the two dolphins was interesting (and a lucky catch).

I made it black and white, because, you know we all have a dolphin locked up inside each one of us.


Daniel J. Hogan is a freelance writer, podcaster, and a photoblogger. He makes bad jokes on porpoise.  Follow him on Twitter, @danieljhogan.

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