Photos – Attraction Lost 4

By | September 7, 2010

"Wanna touch my axe?"

Another installment in my Attraction Lost series, which are photos from abandoned tourist attractions in Michigan.

A Paul Bunyan statue at an abandoned “Old West” themed attraction along US-12 in Michigan. Creepy.

More photos after the break.

"I SEE you!"

Creepy Elephant is Creepy. This was at the previous location (see earlier posts in this series). I knew I wanted to use the fence to frame up this statue in someway, and then I noticed that the eye was looking right at me. Shivers.

I had to fix up the color in Photoshop a bit.

Not the best shot in the world, but I liked the sign. I did a bit of Photoshop magic to boost the colors. A lot. The production design of this place blew me away.

I assure you, we're closed!

This place had an entire “main street” that is just going to seed. Crazy. I did a redscale trick on this shot.

More photos tomorrow.

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