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By | August 12, 2010

While on a Staycation (“too broke for a vacation out of state or out of town”) recently, my girlfriend came up with an idea for a day trip/photo adventure. She’s a great photographer, and the one to blame for me getting into photography again.

Anyway, she pitched checking out a series of run down tourist attractions in the Irish Hills area of Michigan, on the highway of US-12.

I of course jumped at the chance to take photos of decaying tourist traps. This post will be the first in a series.

I have no idea what this was originally. Maybe a bear?

I have no idea what this used to be. Maybe a bear of some kind? I messed with the colors in Photoshop. It was in a cave at an abandoned mini-golf/go-kart place.

More after the break!

Cement giraffe.

This guy has seen better days.

Serious giraffe is serious.

I couldn’t decide what to do with this other giraffe photo, so I made it black and white (used the Blue color channel in Photoshop). It has a spooky stare.

Crumbly Crumbly Hippo!

I love all of the decay and color on this hippo thing. It looks like it was some kind of sprinkler/hose deal. The spray paint in the background adds a nice touch. Colors messed with in Photoshop.

More to come! I have a bunch, so I’ll do some from this series here and there.

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