Website Changes: In October 2017, I moved my blogging and portfolio to a new WordPress install at danieljhogan.com.

In the past, danieljhogan.com redirected to this sub-directory you are visiting, danieljhogan.com/home. I did away with that redirect, and I’m in the process of moving all of my posts and pages to the new danieljhogan.com.

Bit by bit, everything at danieljhogan.com/home will go away, so please visit danieljhogan.com instead and update your bookmarks. If you used the stie’s RSS feed for blog updates, don’t worry, that has been updated (just in case, here it is: feeds.feedburner.com/DanielJHogan)

This does mean links to old posts here won’t work in the future. A bummer, yes, but this had to happen.

I recommend signing up for my danieljhogan.com newsletter, so you don’t miss any updates. My comic website Clattertron also has its own newsletter.

Thanks for you patience!

daniel j hogan table

Daniel’s artist alley table at the 2016 MSU Comics Forum.

Daniel J. Hogan is a cartoonist, podcaster, and writer living in Lansing, Michigan. Most of these skills are marketable or at least help fill out a bio.

When Daniel isn’t snapping photos of his cats, he writes and draws the all-ages fantasy comic Foxes & Boxes on his website Clattertron. Daniel publishes a new Foxes & Boxes page each Monday, unless the voices in his head tell him to do otherwise.

foxes boxes logo

Read a new Foxes & Boxes comic every Monday on clattertron.com! Read from the start here.

Daniel writes blog posts for Clattertron as well, hitting on important topics like making comics, art supply reviews, and playing old video games.

Daniel won a 2015 SPACE Prize in the Webcomic Category, which means his wife has to confess she is married to an award-winning cartoonist.

In 2007, Daniel stopped playing video games long enough to write and self-publish his first novel, The Magic of Eyri (Amazon, Lulu), which his mother really enjoyed. Daniel then used all the skills he learned as a late-night college radio DJ to adapt The Magic of Eyri into an audio book podcast, made up of 53 free episodes.

magic of eyri by daniel j. hogan on amazon
Daniel is available for freelance writing, art commissions, and public appearances before the next full moon. Contact Daniel using this form or send an old-fashioned email to djh [at] danieljhogan [dot] com.

You can follow Daniel and Clattertron on several social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you are hungry for even more Daniel J. Hogan offerings for some reason, become one of his patrons on Patreon. You can become a patron starting at $1 a month and get access to exclusive patrons only content. Higher level patrons unlock more rewards, like receiving original art from Daniel every month.

patreon daniel j hoganWhat is Patreon? Think of Patreon as PBS or NPR for Daniel’s comics. You make a monthly pledge ($1, $3, $5, $10, or $20), and that money goes to Daniel. Even though Daniel’s comics are “free” they do cost money (and time) to create each week. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated!

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