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Daniel’s artist alley table at the 2016 MSU Comics Forum.

Daniel J. Hogan is a cartoonist, podcaster, and writer living in Lansing, Michigan. Most of these skills are marketable. Usually.

When Daniel isn’t snapping photos of his cats, he writes and draws the all-ages fantasy comic Foxes and Boxes on his website Clattertron. Daniel publishes a new Foxes and Boxes page each Monday, unless the voices in his head tell him to do otherwise. Clattertron won a 2015 SPACE Prize in the Webcomic Category, which means his wife has to confess she is married to an award-winning cartoonist.

fandb728x90bIn 2007, Daniel stopped playing video games long enough to write and self-publish his first novel, The Magic of Eyri (Amazon, Lulu), which his mother really enjoyed. He then used all the skills he learned as a college radio DJ to adapt The Magic of Eyri into an audio book podcast, made up of 53 free episodes.

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Daniel is available for freelance writing, art commissions, and public appearances before the next full moon. Contact Daniel using this form or send an old-fashioned email to djh [at] danieljhogan [dot] com.

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