Monday Links and News – 09.22.2014

GrandCon happened. Oh, did it ever. I will try to write-up a full recap, but in short I did pretty well. My sketch cards were a big seller again.

The best part? I don’t have a show to prepare for now. The last few weeks were all ‘GO-GO-GO’ as I got ready for GrandCon. I was either working on prints or watercolor postcards (basically my sketch cards, just twice as big).

With GrandCon over, and not attending a show until 2015, I can focus on a few projects. First, updating this site to better showcase some of my cartooning (with some sort of gallery option). Second, work on a new illustration for my Society6 shop. Now that I can create a digital image easily on my Surface Pro 3, there’s no reason not to experiment and try selling some new items.

I also need to add my watercolor post cards to my Storenvy store.

One thing at a time though.

Clattertron Updates

Oh, Tickles.

Oh, Tickles.

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Monday Links and News – 09.08.2014

GrandCon is coming. So is Winter. Sadly. Seriously though, GrandCon is in about ten days (Sept. 19 – 21) in Grand Rapids, and I will be there selling my artist wares.

The big news is, I will have an exclusive GrandCon print for sale. This print is limited too, as I will only bring ten or so–when these prints are gone, they are gone. Get one (or more) while you can at GrandCon. Each print will be hand numbered and signed by me. Fun! Collectible! 11″ x 17″!


I signed up for my first convention of 2015 this past week: the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE). I went to SPACE for the first time last April and decided to go back. Look out, Ohio.

Clattertron Updates

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Monday Links and News – 08.25.2014

Look there, on the horizon. G’head, I’ll wait.

I plan to start a new multi-part comic next week on I based this comic on a short story I wrote a few years ago–which means, the hard part is over. I know the story. I just gotta draw the dang thing. Like Chocolate Quest, I’m avoiding any spoken dialogue so I can focus on the visual storytelling (always a good thing to practice when it comes to cartooning).

I’m nearly finished with a new cartoony header image for this site. I actually was finished, but then I had a better idea and started over. Some times you just gotta finish something to see how it looks and go from there.

So Long, AdWords

As I wrote in yesterday’s newsletter, I stopped using Google’s AdWords advertising service (to advertize The ‘too long, didn’t read’ version is: I (unknowingly) violated the terms of service by using  Amazon Affiliate links and linking to my stores on Society6 and Storenvy. Oops.

Clattertron Updates

multiple choice comic

This week’s comic.

A new multiple choice comic last week. And in color! Choose from different dialogue. Mix and match. Have fun!

Blog Post: Behind the Scenes: Sketching, Drawing, Inking, and Coloring in Manga Studio

behind the scenes comics

Hi Mary.

I go over sketching, inking, and coloring last week’s comic. Using Manga Studio makes this process a lot easier.

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Monday Links and News – 08.18.2014

Like the villains of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, changes on this site are, afoot. Changes as in the appearance/layout kind, not the David Bowie kind (sadly).

My first plan is to draw, yes draw, a new header image. If I am marketing myself as a cartoonist, the more examples of said cartooning on this website, the better, right?

I also plan to make a better portfolio of my cartooning too. How I will do such a thing, I have yet to decide upon. It will happen though. Besides, it has been a few months, so I’m overdue for a website redesign. Right? Heh.

One change already checked off the list, and on, is I turned off comments. Not that I was getting a lot of jerks or anything. I decided I wanted one less thing to worry about when it came to running my websites. Well, I was getting a lot more spam comments sneaking through, which also pushed me in this direction.

Yes, I know there’s the cry of what about building community on your websites?! Tough. There’s more interaction with my readers on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook these days.

The best reason however is: I just don’t care about comments.

Con, Ahoy. Fan Art, Farewell.

As I said in yesterday’s newsletter, my (potentially) last convention of 2014 is next month: GrandCon. This means I need to crank out some more sketch cards and prints. Like I also said in yesterday’s newsletter, I’m going to focus on avoiding fan art as much as possible. I want to focus on creating my stuff, and not rely on the crutch of drawing other people’s characters (too much).

The hazy legality of selling fan art is enough for me to avoid it, but I also worry about falling into the rut of only creating fan art (“Hey, it sells–so why not?”).

The fan art I have produced is more parody in nature, so it is different than say, me, drawing and selling something like a fancy Spider-Man rendering. Slightly different, but not very.


My best argument for not going the fan art route myself is: how would I feel if I saw someone selling No Filter Fox stuff (or any of my other characters)? Well, I would be pretty upset, because I don’t make that much selling it on my own.

Clattertron Updates

pedants comic

Nobody cares.

No Filter Fox has his own way of dealing with pedants. Bless his heart.

Blog Post: Hand-Lettering Comics in Manga Studio 5

I figured out a way to combine the benefits of digital lettering in Manga Studio with my preference for hand-lettering. The tl;dr version: I trace the text I make with the Text tool.

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Monday Links and News – 08.11.2014

It is always nice when all the time I spend tweaking my websites and SEO pays off. I landed a freelance writing job recently because my client searched for ‘freelance writer editor lansing.’

The job ended up being a fun one too. I revised and edited scripts for short educational videos about science topics. I know some writers can’t stand editing, but I don’t mind it so much (especially if there is a paying gig involved). It is an added bonus when a client encourages me to add jokes and be wacky if I can.

Another freelance job came my way last week too, but for cartooning. I ultimately, and unfortunately, had to pass on the project, but contact from a potential client is always great. Here’s hoping more come my way.

Clattertron Updates

hot meals comic

He likes it HOT.

No Filter Fox doesn’t like getting cold food in restaurants.

I did not have any blog posts this week, mainly because the freelance writing kept me busy, and I decided to focus on this week’s comic after I finished.

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